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Here's How ICG Finances Manufacturers:

ICG can purchase the raw materials required to manufacture your finished product. They may be purchased directly from your usual vendors and sent to your production facilities. You therefore have the necessary components to sustain your production cycles, and ultimately satisfy all the demand for your product.

The finished goods manufactured with raw materials purchased by ICG become property of ICG, but they are kept at your disposal for immediate shipment to your clients as you generate sales.

When your clients pay you for the products, you pay ICG the cost of the raw materials plus a mark-up fee.

Benefits of ICG's Funding Program:

  • Your operating capital constraints are reduced.
  • You are able to manufacture enough product to supply all the demand for your product.
  • You are not tied to long-term agreements.
  • Your creditworthiness is not affected by ICG's funding program.
  • Your growth will depend on the quality of your product and sales campaign, rather than your credit score.

Funding Criteria for Manufacturers:

Because of the structure of our funding program, ICG can only finance the production of goods with extremely low labor components. In other words, labor must not constitute a large percentage of the final cost of the product.

lf this initial criterion is met, then we usually analyze the following factors when deciding whether to finance the manufacture of a product:

  • The quality of the finished product.
  • The efficiency of your sales and marketing campaigns.
  • The profit margin generated by each unit sold.
  • The liquidation value of the raw materials purchased by ICG.


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Volume discounts
  Many of the distributors that ICG finances are able to offset a large portion of our funding fees by negotiating volume discounts with their manufacturers.
More efficient supply chain
  You will have the funding necessary to develop a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain.