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ICG offers a unique financing program specifically designed to meet the financial needs of non-bankable, fast-growing companies regardless of their industry, financial situation or credit rating.

What Makes ICG Unique?

Our funding program focuses on the opportunity you have at hand, instead of relying upon traditional credit measures to approve your funding. The objective of our program is for you to be able to supply all of the market's demand for your product, rather than losing sales opportunities because of a lack of inventory.

ICG can purchase up to 100% of the inventory you need directly from your vendor or from your company. We then keep the inventory at your immediate disposition so that you have it available to ship to your clients as soon as you generate sales. You pay us after you receive payments from your clients.

In order to finance your inventory, we take a close look at your sales strategies, your existing and potential clients, your inventory turn cycle and the quality of your product. ICG can provide inventory funding to any company that has a proven sales mechanism in place, and whose product(s) and structure meet our funding criteria.

Should you use ICG's services?

Our funding program was designed to provide our clients with fast, hassle-free access to growth capital based on their sales potential rather than current assets or credit history. If you are experiencing any of the following situations, then you can definitively benefit from our services:

  • You are turning away clients because of a lack of inventory.
  • You are not taking advantage of your vendor's volume discounts because of limited purchasing power.
  • You can sell all the inventory you can obtain, but your suppliers want to be paid in advance or on delivery.
  • Your growth is dependent upon your ability to obtain funding rather than the size of your market.
  • You have a significant amount of your cash tied up in inventory.
  • You would benefit from advertising or implementing new sales channels, but you do not have the cash.

Click HERE if you are interested in applying for funding through ICG, or contact us at (310) 945-5790.





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Sports Pins Marketer
  Our client marketed sports pins for several major league baseball, NBA and NFL teams through newspaper ads. We financed their inventory during the ad campaign.
Direct Response Marketer
  A DR client marketed a new type of hair styling iron through an infomercial. ICG financed their "multipays" through the 90-day payment cycle.
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