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How the program works:

ICG specializes in funding inventory for importers amongst different industries.

We do this by purchasing the product(s) you need directly from your manufacturer, and importing the goods through your regular channels - i.e., everything is done the way you usually do it, the only difference is that the goods are paid for by ICG, and are therefore under ICG's title - but they are placed at a convenient location of your choice from which you can fulfill all your sales orders.

At this point, you have all the inventory you need to fulfill the demand for your product, so you can focus on generating sales and creating new clients.

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Whenever you close a sale, ICG provides you title of the goods, and you ship them to your client. You pay ICG the cost of the goods as well as mark-up and stocking fees after you receive payment from your client. As this process unfolds, ICG purchases more inventory from your manufacturer to ensure that your supply chain is fully prepared to fulfill any sales opportunities that would otherwise be lost.

Benefits of ICG's Program:

  • You have access to all the inventory you need in order to capitalize on your sales capabilities.
  • You can take advantage of your vendor's volume discounts.
  • Your company's growth will be based on its sales potential, rather than its available cash.
  • You will not be tied to any long-term agreements .
  • You will not have to share profits with equity or joint venture partners.

Funding Criteria for Importers:

Here are some of the most important factors that will determine ICG's ability to finance a company or a product:

  • Quality of the product(s).
  • Marketability of the product(s).
  • Your company's ability to sell the product(s).
  • The contribution margins generated by the sales of the product(s).
  • Your company's inventory turn cycle.




Volume Discounts
  Many of the importers that ICG finances are able to offset a large portion of our funding fees by negotiating volume discounts with their manufacturers.
More Efficient Supply Chain
  You will have the funding necessary to develop a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain.