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ICG is not a lender, but rather a reseller of inventory. We fund your growth requirements by purchasing either new inventory directly from your vendors, or by purchasing inventory that you already own. Once we purchase the inventory, we hold it at a third-party warehouse or fulfillment center of your choice so that you have it available for immediate delivery to your clients.

You can focus on generating sales.

During this time, the goods are owned by ICG, but we are obligated to sell them to you at a predetermined price. In turn, you are obligated to buy the goods from us.

Typically, when you have a firm buyer for all or for part of the inventory, we transfer title of the goods to you so that you can ship the order to your client. We collect our dues after your client pays for the delivered goods. Or, if your client does not pay immediately, we factor the account receivable generated by the sale.

Click HERE to apply for funding, or click below to learn more about how ICG can finance YOUR company's specific needs:

Click HERE if you would like to apply for financing, or feel free to call us at (310) 945-5790 if you have any questions.



ICG's funding program is a much better option compared to:
Purchase Order Financing
Equity Financing
Internally-Financed Growth
Joint Ventures
ICG regularly finances businesses that nobody else will.
Entrepreneurs' dreams are our business. Our clients present their problems, and we provide solutions.