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Credit Standing and Other Traditional Credit Measures:

Credit history, existing assets & liabilities, past profitability and time-in-business are generally not a factor in acceptance into our funding program - many of our clients are either start-ups, or seasoned businesses that are on the verge of bankruptcy. This is because we are not interested in historical financial measures, but rather in your growth potential.

Industries Served

The nature of our funding program enables us to finance across a wide variety of industries ranging from health & beauty, to consumer electronics and aerospace.

Client Categories:

1. Fast-Growing Businesses - The majority of ICG's clients are, at least in part, members of this category. ICG can finance fast-growing businesses that, due to a variety of reasons, do not have sufficient cash to meet the growing demand for their product(s). With ICG's funding program, fast-growth companies can order their product(s) from their manufacturers in a timely fashion and in greater volume, thereby allowing them to take advantage of all the sales opportunities they generate.

2. Direct Response Marketers - ICG finances numerous types of direct marketing/response campaigns, including:

  • Infomercials
  • Short-form spots
  • Print advertisers
  • Radio advertisers
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Catalog campaigns
  • "Pitch" marketing, etc.

The common factor with our direct marketing/response clients is that they have statistically-driven sales processes, and therefore can rely on the "law of large numbers" to predict their results. In other words, it is relatively easy for ICG to have a clear understanding of the sales capabilities at the very early stages of a direct marketing/response campaign.

Click HERE if you are an DR Marketer

3. Import Marketers - ICG can finance a wide variety of products and companies that are engaged in locating cheap sources of production overseas and selling to large domestic retailers. Most of this production is from Asia, although we finance products from other parts of the world.

Regardless of the origin of the goods, ICG typically requires that import marketers have a very broad distribution network in place that will generate enough sales to deplete the inventory financed by ICG.

Click HERE if you are an Importer

4. Manufacturers - ICG can finance raw materials for manufacturers whose production cycles are relatively short, and not labor intensive.

Click HERE if you are a Manufacturer

5. Distributors - ICG finances a wide variety of distributors across various industries. Clients in this category usually have a good customer list, and a successful sales program. However, due to capital constraints, they are forced to turn away sales because of a lack of inventory.

Click HERE if you are a Distributor.

6. Companies with short-term cash flow issues - Clients in this category usually have an excess inventory because of an unforeseen short-term event. For example, one of our clients lost a major client, but demonstrated that its remaining business was sufficient to liquidate the excess inventory. ICG purchased the inventory, thereby providing the short-term working capital that allowed them the opportunity to search for new sales channels.

Click HERE if you have short-term cash flow issues.

Categories / Businesses out of our competency:

Because of the nature of our funding program, we cannot provide financing to certain industries and/or situations. These generally include:

  • Retailers who sell though distributed retail locations.
  • Sellers of perishable products, i.e., products with a shelf life of less than 12 months.
  • Breeders of any sort.
  • Clothing importers who cannot deliver firm letters of credit.
  • Manufacturers of products with long production cycles, or situations where raw materials undergo a significant labor component to produce the final product.
  • Regulated products such as medicines, ammunition and alcohol.
  • Metal die stampers & plastic extruders.

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  ICG can finance companies in Chapter 11.
  ICG does not tie you to long term agreements or a partner.
  Financing your inventory or working capital needs through ICG does not affect your credit rating.