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ICG Can Finance Your Working Capital Needs By Purchasing Inventory You Already Own

Many ICG's clients, due to unexpected events, find themselves with excess inventory, and little cash flow to cover operating expenses.

ICG can purchase the excess inventory, providing you the working capital you need to get "over the hump," while the inventory remains at your immediate disposal so you can continue generating sales.

Click HERE to request a funding application.

Here's how it works:

ICG purchases your excess inventory at-cost. This provides the cash flow necessary to continue your day-to-day operations. The inventory is held at a third- party warehouse or fulfillment center of your choice. In most cases, the warehouse you routinely use is acceptable.

As you generate sales, ICG sells the inventory back to you at a predetermined price. You therefore have immediate access to the inventory you need to fulfill your sales, and you can run your sales campaign in much the same manner as you would under normal circumstances. The difference is that through ICG's inventory funding program, you have the working capital necessary to keep your sales channels up and running until you are "over the hump."

Benefits of the Program:

  • You can put money that is tied up in inventory to a more productive use, while at the same time keeping the inventory in hand for fulfillment.
  • Your day-to-day activities will not be significantly altered.
  • You will not be tied up into any long-term agreements.
  • Your ability to obtain traditional loans will be unaltered.
  • You will have the opportunity to create an efficient, cost-saving supply chain management system.
  • You won't have to share profits with equity or joint venture partners.

Working Capital Funding Criteria:

  • The company must have enough business to be able to "turn" the inv
  • Quality of the product(s).
  • Marketability of the product(s).
  • The contribution margins generated by the sales of the product(s).

Click HERE if you would like

  • entory in a reasonable amount of time.
  • to request a funding application from ICG, or CALL US to find out more about Working Capital Funding through ICG's Program.





  ICG's funding program does not affect your ability to take on loans from traditional sources of financing.
  Through our working capital program, you can access working capital without incurring any debt.