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ICG's DR Industry Experience:

ICG is one of the only financial institutions in the United States to have enough experience in the DR industry to finance inventory for direct-response-driven sales campaigns. Actually, our funding program was specifically designed meet to the particular inventory funding needs of DR marketers, and we have financed numerous types of direct response marketing campaigns, including:

- Infomercials - Short-form spots - Direct mail campaigns - Radio advertisers
- Catalogs - Print advertisers - Door-to-door campaigns

Here's How the Program Works:

ICG purchases your product directly from your manufacturer. The volume of the purchase(s) depends on the success of your campaign, the media purchasing forecasts, and the volume discounts available from your manufacturer.

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The goods are then placed at a fulfillment center of your choice, and are sold & fulfilled through your regular channels. During this time, ICG will expect sales reports on a continuous basis, and you will pay ICG the cost of the goods, plus the mark-up and stocking fees as soon as you receive payment from your clients.

Re-ordering of the products from your manufacturer will be done in a timely basis dependent on sales volumes and other variables. ICG will work closely with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your campaign, and that you do not miss any growth opportunities.

Benefits of ICG's Funding Program:

  • Your growth will be based on the quality of your product, and the efficiency of your campaign. You will have all the inventory necessary to fulfill orders.
  • You will keep more profits than you would with an equity or a joint venture partner. Besides, ICG does not tie you to long-term agreements, and you maintain control over your company.
  • By using ICG's money instead of your scarce capital, you can invest on important things - like developing new products or shows.
  • You will be able to take advantage of your vendors' volume discounts because your working capital constraints will be reduced.
  • ICG moves very quickly. We can finance your inventory needs in as little as two weeks.

Funding Criteria for Direct Response Marketers:

ICG is able to finance inventory at the earliest stages of a DR campaign. Generally, our DR clients have already tested the campaign, and are ready to roll out and invest heavily in media.

Here are some of the most important factors we look into when deciding to finance a campaign:

  • Quality of the product.
  • The campaign's Media-to-Earnings Ratios.
  • Category of the product (ingestible, beauty, exercise, etc.).
  • Content of the media message (i.e., among other things, we check to see if all the claims are legally demonstrable, and that the campaign complies with the FTC's rules and regulations).


Over the last two years, ICG has financed more than $6 million in DR-driven marketing campaigns
ICG has extensive experience within the DR industry, and our clients usually benefit from tapping into our contact list.